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Features & documentary production

Iberfilm Partners S.L. is a Madrid-based production company focused on developing feature and documentary projects suitable for international co-production and global audiences.

Recent projects

Con Buenas Intenciones Poster

Recent projects include the short film CON BUENAS INTENCIONES, Directed by Virginia Romero and starring Gorka Otxoa, Kiti Mánver, Holly Bodimeade, Jimmy Shaw, Roger Pera & Ángela Encinar.

  • Duration: 15 mins.
  • Language: English/Spanish
  • Filming Locations: Avila, Spain
  • Shot on: Red Epic 4K
  • Post Production: Spain, UK & Mexico


In development

Feature film projects currently in development include THE FENCE and WITH GOOD INTENTIONS.

THE FENCE tells the fictional story of a young African girl desperate to find her baby daughter who has been kidnapped by mercenaries. Her harrowing journey involves her joining the thousands of Africans illegally entering Europe each year, and brings her face to face with an embittered Spanish policeman. Their meeting changes them both forever. In association with Big Time Pictures (UK).

The feature length thriller, WITH GOOD INTENTIONS is based upon the 2014 short film ‘Con Buenas Intenciones’. A vacationing English family becomes lost in a remote desert region of Spain. When they finally come upon an isolated bar, they stop to ask for help. But they speak no Spanish and as they soon discover, the strange and suspicious locals speak no English. Prejudice and misunderstanding lead the locals to believe one of the ‘outsiders’ to be a dangerous criminal and they decide to take the law into their own hands in search of their own brand of justice. In association with Big Time Pictures (UK).

Professional services for Spanish & Latin American production

Now, more than ever before, screen-based media production and distribution is a truly global business. Producers from all territories must increasingly look beyond their own borders to realise their projects, broaden their audiences and maximise return on investment.

Iberfilm Partners offers producers a range of services to help identify and exploit multi-lateral funding and co-production opportunities to develop successful film projects for international markets. Iberfilm Partners works with producers and partners worldwide, but specialise in working with Spain and Latin America.

In addition to services for Spanish speaking producers, Iberfilm Partners also assist producers worldwide, to find service producers or co-production partners in Spain or Latin America. We can also help with accessing Spanish funds and tax benefits.

Our Services

Project partnering

Project development of global audiences


Consultancy services for Spanish and Latin American projects

Funding and tax credits

Sourcing soft money and maximising tax benefits from multiple territories

Producer training

Co-production training

On-line and live seminars

Connecting Producers with Finance

We assist Latin American, Spanish and other European producers expand and develop their business by:

Making production companies more 'investment-ready'.

Raising awareness amongst investors of the opportunities in the film sector.

Helping producers to maximise their business potential.

Identifying and attracting both public and private investments with a focus on international co-financing schemes.

Producer Training

From an idea to production - a development producer's perspective

The production process - a production manager's perspective

An introduction to co-productions

Legal landscape - film production & the law

Financial landscape: Sources of finance across Latin America, Europe & beyond

Legal aspects of sales and distribution

On-line delivery

Live seminars

Courses delivered in Spanish and English